In Honor of Stephanie Fajardo
In Honor of Stephanie Fajardo
$25 Bet
Dec 02 - 29
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The game has ended.

“100% of pot to support her 4 surviving children.”
$25 bet
25 players
$1,050 in the pot
Dec 29 end date

DietBet commented:

Your game has now been finalized. Congratulations to the winners! You will be notified by email if you are a winner.
As promised, here are the top player titles. Drum roll, please…
- Most Liked Player: Best of my life
- Most Generous Liker: Paula
- Most Liked Comment: "In the last year I watched Stephanie work hard to lose about a 100 pounds. I was so proud and inspired by her efforts. For many months, she was my walking buddy. Our progress would make her heart sing!" by Rene M
01/01/2014 12:05AM

Mandy S commented:

So bummed! I'm up 1.8 pounds since Saturday?! I think I may have retained some water due to a saltier than normal menu yesterday. But oh well - I did manage to lose weight during the holidays,which is a win in itself....
12/31/2013 4:39AM - via iPhone

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Karen Z. commented:

Well, I didn't meet my goal, but did lose 4.2 lbs which I will still consider a success given the holidays & having a broken foot.
Did anyone meet their goals?
12/30/2013 6:25PM

Mandy S: commented:

I got about half way there! Good job, Karen!

DietBet commented:

We need your help! We're working with Brown Medical School to create an unbiased report on popular diets and weight loss tools. Please fill out our short survey and help us figure out how people are successfully losing weight. To thank you for your participation, we will email you a free copy as soon as it's ready.
12/30/2013 12:00AM

Mandy S commented:

I just did a circuit training workout. Man, do I need to work on my core. That was not pretty....
12/29/2013 2:52PM - via iPhone

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DietBet commented:

Get ready for the final weigh in! Once the game ends tonight (Dec 29) at midnight PST, you have until 11:59PM PST on Dec 31 to submit your final weight. If you're a winner, you'll be asked to submit photos and will get a new weigh-in word when you visit the weigh-in screens. Submit early to make sure your photos are accepted. Remember - don't eat that cupcake until you get an email that your photos are approved! And don't forget to check your spam folder. You must have an approved weigh-in in order to be declared a winner.
Once all weigh ins are submitted, the game will finalize 24-36 hours after that. Good luck!
12/29/2013 12:00AM

Mandy S commented:

Merry Christmas all!
12/25/2013 1:27PM - via iPhone

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Danielle N.: commented:

Merry Christmas!

Danielle N. commented:

Everyone is doing awesome, keep up the great work. We only have 8 days left so lets make them count.
12/22/2013 6:58PM - via iPhone

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DietBet commented:

Want to keep up the momentum?
Encourage your organizer, Jess, to create a new game by clicking "like" on this post! She can create a new game and invite all of you.
12/22/2013 6:00AM

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DietBet commented:

Most of us spend a significant portion of our day at the office so who better to get in shape with than coworkers? Set up a DietBet at your company and we'll cover your bet. User promo code DIETBETATWORK when setting up the game. Or, send your HR manager's name to and we'll set it up with them!
12/17/2013 12:00AM
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