Shays Father-Son SummerShapeUp
Shays Father-Son SummerShapeUp
$30 Bet
Jul 08 - Aug 04
Open Access

The game has ended.

“Get in shape w/ You Tube celebrity and 4-time Dietbet host Shay Butler.”
$30 bet
1,286 players
$40,560 in the pot
Aug 04 end date


If anyone wants to do another one mine starts tomorrow !
09/14/2014 5:01PM


it's annoying that Shay would push a product on his viewers (dietbet) that he doesn't even believe in enough to actually participate in! I mean it's only 30 days and he doesn't even care. :( Was the end of the dietbet even mentioned in any of his latest videos???
08/10/2014 10:03PM

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Trevor G.

Has anybody received their money yet? Cause I have not!
08/08/2014 8:43AM - via iPhone

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Brandie Lynn

They do take a cut, 25% in most cases.


Actually 10% for large pots, but Shay gets paid 10% as well.

Jonathan D.

Woke up this morning and weighed myself out of habit...and was at my goal weight! If I had entered the dietbet on the day it began, I would be a winner right now. Argh!
08/08/2014 4:11AM

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In the exact same boat Jonathan! I entered a couple of days late and met my goal the day after the final weigh in. So frustrating!


Why be frustrated? Consider the 30 bucks paid! You got to your weight! That's something to be excited about! Keep it up!


I seriously owe everything to the 30 day cleanse I've been doing. I was 161lbs 3 months ago and am now 138lbs :)
08/08/2014 2:03AM - via iPhone

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Doesn't seem like a great idea. Unless you keep eating nicely, as soon as you're off the "cleanse", you'll yo-yo back.

Nikki and Stephen, I disagree. I still eat regular food and even did take a month off, and did not gain anything. :) It's about control and motivation.

Amy K.

Little disappointed in our host, not even a final weigh in?
08/07/2014 5:48PM - via iPhone

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Jaimie T.

I agree! Moving is not an excuse to slack on work. And this is basically work for him!! Very disappointing

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Christy T.

I didn't get an email
08/07/2014 8:12AM - via iPhone

Jared G.

Check your spam folder

Melissa M.

Yea mine was in my spam

Marcus R.

What sucks about this is I got sent out of town for work and couldn't submit a weight and was way over. :( congrats to the winners!!! Great job!
08/07/2014 6:49AM - via iPhone

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Kim sent a medal
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If I recall correctly, DB gives you up to 48 hours to submit your "weigh out" after the game has ended


But what counts in the end is that you lost the weight either way. :) So congrats!


90 hours OT worked during this diet bet. Came up a pound short...wish I could have worked out more instead of working...oh well I also paid off a I am sure Shay would be proud!
08/07/2014 6:18AM - via iPhone

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I'm proud of you!! Go girl!


Nothing worse than meeting your goal the day after the bet officially ends! Couldn't believe it. But hey, I've still lost the 9.2 lbs so that's what I should focus on! Big congratulations to all the winners and well done everyone else too - we may not have beat the bet but we should still be proud of what we HAVE achieved! :D
08/07/2014 5:00AM

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Susie D.

Too bad it wasn't a day earlier, but hey, you did it! Congrats!

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