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Melanie F. commented:

Got a fun giveaway on my blog- it's for a 3 month subscription to online exercise classes. Would love for you all to enter!
02/13/2013 9:57AM

Melanie F. commented:

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! You all did amazing whether you met the 4% goal or not (and so many of you did!). Keep it going!!
02/12/2013 3:14PM

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Anna L. commented:

I didn't make my goal, but with a trip to Vegas in the middle of it, I'm happy to have lost a few pounds at all! This was fun and a great idea. :)
02/12/2013 6:48AM

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Kimberly R. commented:

BIG congratulations to all those who met their goal! I did not lose my 4% but I did lose almost a pound a week and I am STOKED by that. I plan to continue my diet and healthier lifestyle indefinitely. I feel great, and I appreciate this event giving me the kick in the heiny I needed to start dropping the extra pounds I've been carrying for a couple of years. Have a great week. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
02/11/2013 5:54AM

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Kimberly R.: commented:

I'm 2 pounds away, so I know i won't make it unless I do some crazy drastic dehydrating thing. Not worth the $25 to me. :) I'll just keep plugging along, slow and steady.
02/11/2013 8:49AM

Kimberly R.: commented:

but I will get on the scale at the very last minute, just in case!
02/11/2013 8:50AM

Racing Mama commented:

It is time to dehydrate. Just kidding. ;).
02/09/2013 10:16AM - via iPhone

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Brittany S.: commented:

I should add in that I have gone back into a flare and for me, that usually goes hand in hand with gaining a few lbs. It will come back off. But I haven't been able to get out of bed for a while.
02/10/2013 9:51AM

Melanie F.: commented:

Sorry to hear that Brittany :( I know what you mean about being swollen. I always weigh more the days I go on long runs when I'd expect to drop a few by water weight. Most importantly I hope you feel better, because you do look fantastic!
02/11/2013 7:01AM

Melanie F. commented:

Wow- so many of you are doing so great! Wanting to splurge this weekend?! DON'T DO IT! It's the last weekend before the weigh- in. Be strong. The food will ALWAYS be there. It's not going anywhere. It's not worth it at this stage in the game.
02/08/2013 9:36AM

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Jennifer S. commented:

Just finished power walk/run
02/04/2013 8:14AM

Jennifer S. commented:

Went for a power walk
02/03/2013 1:19PM

DietBet commented:

Want to keep up the momentum?
Encourage your organizer, Melanie F., to create a new game by clicking "like" on this post! She can create a new game and invite all of you.
02/03/2013 6:00AM

Racing Mama commented:

I hopefully can keep it off this week with three birthday dinners and a Super Bowl party!
02/02/2013 9:00AM - via iPhone

Brittany S.: commented:

I was just thinking of you this morning! I hope tomorrow is a very happy day! Since you have lost all you need to, you can splurge for a day or two and rebound completely by the middle of next week. ENJOY! And happy birthday, roomie!
02/03/2013 8:01AM

Racing Mama: commented:

Thanks friend! So, I weighed in this morning and it must have been water weight that I lost because the scale read 134.5 which means I still have a pound and a half to lose!!! UGH!
02/03/2013 8:36PM
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