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Butler Family Transformer
Butler Family Transformer
$25 Monthly Bet
Jan 15 - Jul 14

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“Join Shay & family to build healthy habits-and laugh-over the next 6 months”
$25 monthly
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Fatleave has posted a photo:

  • Less than 2 lbs away from the 2 round goal!!! (I started my own weight loss Dec 29th, at 204, started the diet bet at 200.4.Down a total of 14 lbs, it feels great! Smart choices when eating- keeping my body in Ketosis.

about 4 hours ago - via iPhone

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Claire J.

Anyone else here have Pcos?
about 5 hours ago - via iPhone

Amy M.

If your looking for a new game after this one finishes I'm hosting my first diet bet! :)
about 5 hours ago - via iPhone

Brandon J.

Shay, can you recommend any delicious and healthy snacks that I can have delivered to my door???
about 5 hours ago

Claire J.

Nature box :p

Claire J.

How do you add your step count to the app
about 6 hours ago - via iPhone

Elsa E.

Today I started a new eating program called the Whole30. It's not really tailored to make you lose weight but to change the way you eat and your relationship to food.
Anyhow, like the true fat kid I am, for one of my "last" meals yesterday I had a bunch of donuts. Man, I tell you I felt that bad decision almost immediately. I don't mean feeling guilty, which I really didn't. I mean my stomach hurt and today I had this burning pain in my stomach. Eating bad makes you feel bad period! Gotta keep that and remember that!
about 6 hours ago

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I've had a few hiccups in my eating (although I do try to make better choices whenever possible) and so I was nervous that my workouts would have been for nothing. I decided to not weigh myself in 10 days. But to my surprise I only need to lose 1 more pound for this round. I'm so excited. I cant believe that eating better and exercising is actually making me lose weight. Who wouldve thought?
01/31/2015 9:29PM

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Silvia E. has posted a photo:

  • If anyone wants to join me/follow me on my weightloss journey, please do so. The more support people involved in my journey, the more motivation! :) look forward to talking to some of you!! @silviagetsfit and

01/31/2015 8:39PM - via android

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I had a great start to a healthier positive change to my life a few weeks ago. I can tell im already slipping into old comfort eating habits when I am stressed. I cant wait for a fresh start this coming up week. Ive got big plans! Going to hit some major goals! :) On a positive note my emotional health and is improving and I am hitting those straight A's in school! (Which is an amazing change)
01/31/2015 8:20PM - via iPhone

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Dena P. has posted a photo:

  • ate red quinoa for the first time - delish!

01/31/2015 7:57PM - via android

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