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Butler Family Transformer
Butler Family Transformer
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EndeavoringMama has posted a photo:

  • Not done for the night but, if I was I'd be happy.

about 34 minutes ago - via android


I want to go on the hot tub but, I'm staying on the bike at the gym. Did an hour of Zumba and sat in the sauna for 20 min. I'm drinking water like ours my job!
about 36 minutes ago - via android

Claire J.

Just brought a fitbit charge yay
about 1 hour ago - via iPhone

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You can set it up for charity! Check out the fitbit YouTube channel.

Claire J.

WilI thanks:)


Jogged for 4 minutes on the treadmill without slowing down! Small victory, I used to barely be able to go 30 seconds.
about 1 hour ago - via android

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Just made a Healthy Recipe video. Check it out
about 2 hours ago

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Rob A.

I use the "Lose it" app to keep track of my calories and exercise. I went to a Mongolian grill restaurant for my sons birthday today. It is always SO HARD to try and figure out how many calories I ate while there. I did good by having mostly vegetables/tofu with a small portion of meat but it is the sauces that throw a "curve ball". I know I did fine but wish I knew EXACTLY how I did! I hope you all are doing well with your goals!
about 2 hours ago

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Paul S. has posted a photo:

  • Turkey Taco with avocado ... Great job honey, I loved this meal.

about 2 hours ago - via iPhone

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At my friends apartment and they all ordered pizza and subs-it smells sooo good! Luckily, I brought over my own chicken salad and I feel good making the healthy choice:)
about 2 hours ago - via android

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Carly M. has posted a photo:

  • Glazed salmon with broccoli and edemame brown rice. Yummy Friday night dinner!

about 2 hours ago - via iPhone

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Hedi S. has posted a photo:

  • Doing awesome. It really motivates me to see these numbers :)

about 4 hours ago - via android

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