344Pounds.com's DietBet
344Pounds.com's DietBet
$25 Bet
Jan 25 - Feb 21
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The game has ended.

“Let's do another DietBet after this one: http://www.dietbet.com/games/9676”
$25 bet
273 players
$6,825 in the pot
Feb 21 end date

What's Happening

Big O commented:

I'm glad I was able to contribute to everyone's winnings ;)

Melinda: hahahahah don't give up!!! go for round 2!

Melinda commented:

I am joining round 2, but how do I collect the rest of the money?

Melinda: nevermind, i figured it out!

Cerebral009 commented:

Great work everyone!! I didn't win this time bit I will win round 2... And 3... And 4... And...

SC Nik commented:

So - How much did the winners win on this one? $$ Do tell!!
Tyler J., shaun m., Gary P. and Jordan P. have weighed in and lost weight

Total weight lost is now 1,844 pounds! Average is 7 pounds.

Jennifer K. commented:

Congratulations to everyone who lost weight whether you won the game or not :-)

Mike commented:

Anyone know how long it takes dietbet to credit your account? I'd like to use the "winnings" from this bet to join the next one, rather than put in more money. But time is running out. :)

Cathy P.: see you there :)

StephAZ: You can always join a game late too

Dave S. commented:

Missed by 3/10th of a pound. Goal weight 314.5 my weight is 314.8. Total lost 12.8 during the official period.

This morning I am at 313.5 a full pound under my goal, Life's a Bitch LOL

Joy E.: And what you have done without the motivation? It's absolutely about the weight you lose (and you lost!) I love this site!

NormalBMIBound: 3/10th's of a pound! UGH, so close! Great job on losing 12.8 pounds, though!

Josh commented:

just missed the weigh in - and i had made it, barely...

Total weight lost is now 1,844 pounds! Average is 7 pounds.

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