4-Hour Body Challenge - Part 2
4-Hour Body Challenge - Part 2
$50 Bet
Jan 24 - Feb 20
Open Access

The game has ended.

“10% of the pot will be donated to the Gazzaley Lab”
$50 bet
245 players
$12,250 in the pot
Feb 20 end date


Does anyone know who won?
02/25/2013 5:00PM
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She means Tim's contest ;)


I want to know, too!

David J.

This is what melted my fat winning the 4 week challenge. http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/coachjagla?bctid=25219321001
02/25/2013 2:38PM


spammy :)

David J.

P90X rocks! Buy it wherever. It will change your life:)

Adam O.

I've been meaning to post my DEXA Bodyscan* results on here for a few days. Here they finally are.
total weight lost 9.6 lbs
total fat lost 12.7 lbs
total lean mass gained 3.2 lbs
I lost over 10% of my total body fat this month...woot!
Body fat % went from 40.7 to 37.3 down 3.4%!
I also was measuring total inches and lost 10!

*These results are the difference between my DEXA scan on Oct. 25th 2012 and Feb. 25th 2013. When I started the Dietbet on Jan. 25th 2013 my weight on my scale at home was 274, which was 6.4 lbs greater than my weight from the scan on Oct. 25th. My scale weighs roughly 5 lbs heavier than the scans so in the first 3 months I had managed to gain 1.4 lbs.

Then came Dietbet and a total turnaround. Thanks everybody on here, thanks Dietbet and thanks Tim!
I'm very happy with the results!
PS.Cheers everyone for all the chatter!
02/25/2013 8:47AM

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phil s.

Thankyou to everyone in the comp. And thanks Tim. We lost 814.7kg. That's the weight of a freaking Sumatran Rhino? Who looses a Rhino?
02/25/2013 3:30AM

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Jeff D.

If you loose a rhino, you better be ready for the consequences.

"Losing" a rhino....that's something completely different :)


Debating about joining the next one..I really should--just to keep me on track with "Oh it's over I can eat what I want"...ugh decisions!
02/24/2013 5:34PM

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I'm still debating. I will be away for 10 days in the middle and not likely to be in charge of my eating/cooking. So I could start, then have 10 days in the middle where I'd likely gain, then try to lose at the end? Any idea how late we can join a game?

Alina D.

I am going on vacation this Thursday for 9 days. I plan to do two cheat days while I am there. I just got to remember that vacation is not about food but all the other fun things!


Can't look at a cookie again! Epic cheat weekend - just weighed in for the next challenge!
02/24/2013 2:11PM

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So the final amount was $27? Actually for putting in $50, that's a little disappointing, not worth the risk in my opinion. I won't do another one of these again, I barely made it this time!!
02/24/2013 1:43PM
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Frankie K.

I figure I paid $50 to lose 4% of my weight. Getting $77 back was a bonus. Most weight loss places don't pay you to lose weight; you pay them and get no $ back.

I haven't calculated it, but making $27 on $50 in 1 month is darn good for an investment return. Also, we are investing in ourselves.


I have to agree, I'm in this to not lose my $50... Plus think about what your bank is paying... If I had $50 in the bank, it would have earned what? $0.05? I am ok with the extra pressure because ever time I eat so etching I know I shouldn't be I have to ask if its worth it... Is this piece of cake worth $50?

Frankie K.

Can I be in 2 different games at the same time?
02/24/2013 7:32AM
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Frankie K.

Jeff D. what other game are you in/ i joined the one that only hs 24 days left.


You can be in up to 5 at a time

Alina D.

So the question is who gets to meet Tim?
02/24/2013 5:19AM

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Frankie K.

Boy I'd love to meet with Jeff.

Jakub H.

come on guys, join the second part...
02/23/2013 8:56PM

Jakub H.

actually third

Laurel H.

I didn't win but I did lose 6.6 lbs. this time and 7.2 lbs. last game - DietBet is a WIN for ME!
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