ItSuxToBeFat's DietBet Round 2
ItSuxToBeFat's DietBet Round 2
$25 Bet
Feb 09 - Mar 08
Open Access

The game has ended.

“Who is ready to lose more weight?!? Let's do it!”
$25 bet
214 players
$5,350 in the pot
Mar 08 end date


Keep the momentum going! A new game has been set up for all players starting on Jan 03, 2015.

Good luck!

12/26/2014 6:18AM


This last round was not the best. I did lose 2 but got a late start and didnt keep up. I will joing ISTBF round 3 for sure and will stay current!!
03/13/2013 1:01PM

Bon Bon

Good luck on the next challenge and down 2 pounds instead of up 2 pounds is a reason to pat yourself on the back! :-)


Great attitude! I love it!


I did not make it , but thats Ok because I will win the next one : )
Otherwise it will be 50 bucks out the window : (
03/11/2013 7:27PM




I know I can ; )

Wendy O.

This round got me to my goal weight. After maintaining for six weeks, I'll be a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member!
03/11/2013 11:54AM

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Kim F.

That's awesome! Congrats!!

Bon Bon


Kim F.

How do I use my weight out pic for round 3?
03/11/2013 6:56AM
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Bobbie M.

Yes, when you click "weigh in" it will say something like, "You just recently finished another dietbet, would you like to use the recent pictures for your weigh in?" No need to upload them again. Hope this helps!

Kim F.

Thanks Jen and Bobbie. That's what worked. :)

Kim F.

Wahoo! $47.37 ... Next round, here I go!
03/11/2013 6:47AM - via iPhone


Awesome job everyone! The payout was $47.37! Use that money to join round 3!!!!!! 1286 pounds lost!
03/11/2013 6:42AM

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Lisa B.

Bring it on! I'm a little nervous because there will be a week at Disney during this round, but it will just ensure I don't eat too many desserts especially since we aren't doing the dining plan this time. Bring on "onederland" baby!

Jennifer F.

It has been verified! I hit my goal! Have not seen this weight since I had a baby .......FIVE years ago!!!! Wow!
03/10/2013 7:41PM

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Shaun G.

Goal Reached, 10.6lbs lost. Down total of 35lbs since starting DietBet 2 months ago.
03/10/2013 6:09PM

Rika likes this comment.

Symphony S.

I can not believe I did it..barely, lol. Can't weight (pun intended) to do the new one and smash my goal!!!
03/10/2013 3:45PM
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