Our Mission

DietBetter is pioneering a whole new way to lose weight. We call it Social Dieting.

Our first product is a game called DietBet that transforms weight loss from a solitary chore into a fun community activity.

There's money on the line but it isn't about making money. It's about believing in yourself, investing in your health, and sticking with your commitments.

It's also about getting support. Although DietBets are competitions, they are never winner-take-all, so players end up helping each other. Your real world friends may not appreciate what you're going through but your fellow dietbetters get it. That's because they're in it with you. They'll inspire you and make you laugh. You'll see the same message over and over: "You can do this."

Losing weight is hard. But it's so much easier when you're in it together. Try social dieting and you'll see for yourself. You'll never go back to losing weight alone.