The most fun you'll ever have losing weight!

2The pot grows as players join
3Whoever hits the goal splits the pot!

How much weight do you want to lose?

4% in 4 Weeks


A short, sweet kick in the pants

Everyone who loses 4% splits the pot.


10% in 6 Months (NEW!)


Ready to transform yourself?

Monthly pots and a big prize at the end.


Featured Games

Late Entrants Permitted Until Day 14

The Transformer (Sept 23 - Mar 22)
SIX-MONTH GAMEThe Transformer (Sept 23 - Mar 22)
$25 Bet
142 Players
Lose 10% in 6 months and get fit before Halloween!
Join GameStarts in 36 hours
Lose Weight, Win Money with FITNESS Maga...
Lose Weight, Win Money with FITNESS Magazine!
$30 Bet
2,938 Players
Join the FITNESS community as we help you shed unwanted weight & score big!
View Game16 Days Left
$88,140in the pot
Drew's Fat2Fit September Challenge!
7-time dietbet hostDrew's Fat2Fit September Challenge!
$30 Bet
837 Players
Players receive a free meal plan w/ grocery list to help you achieve your goal.
View Game22 Days Left
$25,110in the pot
The Very Worst DietBet
8-time dietbet hostThe Very Worst DietBet
$30 Bet
755 Players
With Jamie of The Very Worst Missionary and Roo of Semiproper
View Game22 Days Left
$22,650in the pot
The Transformer (HIGH STAKES - Sept 16)
SIX-MONTH GAMEThe Transformer (HIGH STAKES - Sept 16)
$50 Bet
165 Players
Put some extra skin in the game to lose 10% & get in great shape this fall!
View Game24 Days Left in Round 1
Eat. Drink & be Skinny This Fall!
8-time dietbet hostEat. Drink & be Skinny This Fall!
$35 Bet
401 Players
Join Teresa for fun tips, challenges and prizes and the best DB community!
View Game24 Days Left
$14,035in the pot
Double DietBet 1
5-time dietbet hostsDouble DietBet 1
$25 Bet
139 Players
Join Hannah & Olivia from 'The Biggest Loser' in the first of 2 healthy-for-the-holidays Dietbets. The 2nd game wraps up in time for a Thanksgiving celebration!
Join GameStarts in 7 days
$3,475in the pot
Sexy For Halloween! With Zuzka Light
Celebrity HostSexy For Halloween! With Zuzka Light
$30 Bet
286 Players
Kick Ass Workout Program and Daily Diet Advice will be provided!
Join GameStarts in 8 days
$8,580in the pot
Paid out
to winners
  • When I joined DietBet 3 months ago I had no idea
    sitting here now that I would already be down 30+ lbs.
    Another 35 to go. Can't wait to get there! Can't believe
    that it is so close. Haven't been this weight in 9 years.
  • Officially out of the Obese BMI category
    and into the overweight category.
    I WILL be in the normal range
    by the time this bet is over.
  • DietBet really motivated me. I lost almost 16 lbs
    by drastically changing my habits. For the first time in 10 years,
    I'm under 230 lbs and I'm so close to One-derland!
    Thank you for the motivation. It changed my life.
  • New websites and apps known as weight loss
    wager programs are encouraging dieters to gamble
    their way to a leaner figure, betting on whether
    they can shed unwanted pounds.
  • Four-week games organized by DietBet, have
    been run at more than 500 companies, allotting cash
    prizes to any participant who sheds 4% of body weight.
    90% of players slim down, averaging a 5.4-pound loss.
  • New web services don't just help keep you
    focused on your goals. They pay you to stick to them.
    Result: You feel more committed to your ambitions
    and the odds that you'll achieve them rise.
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